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My Household Staples


I apologize for the delay in coming up with a new post… It took me a while to figure out how to edit my work on my own. I realize I should enroll in a writing class soon, and as a disclaimer, I’m telling you that this entry is raw. Grammar Nazis, hold on to your hair. 😉

I realize I’ve been talking too much about wine (and its technical aspects) in the past few entries. My editor-at-large is complaining about wading through the hifaluting gibberish. So I thought of taking a break and talking about stuff found around our home and the ocassions I serve them:

available in most groceries

1) For “girl-talk” (nights where we dish about the latest gossip and unload about the men in our lives) – I normally serve a bottle of Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Light, crisp, and gets us loose enough to have a no-holds barred conversation without overwhelming our tongues. Mind you, my girls are wine-os as well, and this affordable (and therefore hoardable) baby is more than decent enough to last us through our gab-fest until the wee hours of the morning.

available in Santis Delicatessen

2) For having a Downton Abbey afternoon marathon – The limited edition Twining’s Diamond Jubilee Blend (served with a shot of cream and a bit of sugar), preferably with our Royal Albert tea cups. I mean, really… With the amount of tea the characters chug down in lovely Edwardian cups, it made me want to do the same. What’s awesome about this loose leaf blend is the malty taste (which is my personal preference in tea) blended with a touch of Chinese tea elements.

3) For hanging out with my brother from another motherGlenlivet 12 year old single malt scotch (on the rocks). Peaty, oaky, fruity, with notes of honey. Perfect for discussing facts of life. The honey-tropical fruit elements of the scotch adds a feminine touch in an otherwise masculine drink. A very nice beverage for our conversations.

a bear with Bear Beer, beer available in most groceries, bear not included :p

4) Easy Drinking on a Hot Day – Beer for sure. Not to diss the staples (foreigners far and wide travel to our shores for our legendary, indigenous, bang for your buck beers) but I like beer that has more character. What’s great about beer is that it’s made from about 90% water, hence it is the most refreshing alcohol of choice for Manila’s ferociously HOT climate. I’m a big fan of Dos Ekis, Corona, San Miguel Premium, Stella Artois, Estrella Galicia, Bear Beer, Murphy’s Stout, Tsing Tao, and Guiness. These refreshing brews are easy to find. This lot, however, isn’t your typical college student’s dorm stash.

5) BREAKFASTTIMEANDOHMYGODI’MRUNNINGLATEIDON’THAVETIMEFORBREWEDCOFFEE – I found a beauty of a White Coffee 3-in-1 in Landmark Supermarket called Chekhup. Being in a hurry does not excuse anyone from having decent coffee. This blend is creamy and does not have that sour aftertaste most run of the mill 3-in-1s have. My husband and I are firm believers that the first sip of coffee you have in the morning can make or break your day, so choose wisely!

These are just some stuff I can find around the house which I hope you could enjoy as well. What are your staples? Cheers!