Laboracay and Lamanila


We seem to be in the midst of a BRUTAL summer here in Manila. Much as I would love to write about wine, let’s be honest: It’s really not that fun to drink wine in this heat.

Hence the writer’s block for the past few weeks. Okay, MONTHS.

So. What are my drink options in this tepid weather?

Assuming you live in Salcedo Village (or otherwise, people have been known to mosey over for the Saturday Salcedo Market), I would like to announce that, TADA! We have made an exciting discovery: Home brewed ginger ale. We couldn’t resist trying one out after we saw the promise of “liquid happiness” written on their board. Indeed, it WAS happiness in a bottle… This refreshing, sparkling drink has a touch of lemon to offset the spicy ginger notes. Best served ice cold but not iced. It’s so fresh it expires in a week.

photo courtesy of Gerry de los Reyes, artiste extraordinaire 😉

Also in the area is the aptly named Citrus Delight from Poco Deli. I fell in love with the concept of a sparkling juice drink with fresh cut citrus fruits in a nearly overflowing carafe. Delightful.


Since it’s summer, I was issued a challenge as well to come up with an alcoholic beverage that would be a great substitute for ice cream.

Well. I find the bar staple Tequila Rose perfect: This sweet, creamy, strawberry goodness is best on the rocks, but BE CAREFUL. At the end of the day, it’s still tequila, quite known for letting you think you’re okay while you’re sitting down… Only to knock off your feet once you’ve gotten up from your chair.


For those desperate for wine, my BFF and I are notorious for bringing sparkling wine to the beach. A nice, crisp, ice cold Cava is a fun way to beat the heat… Plus, nobody really does it so much that my BFF and I end up with plenty to go around. 😉 Trust us, it’s fabulous. To keep it cold longer, we’ve (drunkenly) discovered that burying it deep enough in the sand helps.

However, many a foreigner have travelled far and wide for our gorgeous beaches and *drumroll* SAN MIGUEL BEER. The San Miguel staples are very easy to come by (San Mig Light, Pale, Super Dry, Premium, and even the infamous Red Horse). However, what amazed me to no end was a picture of an old friend enjoying the famous Laboracay party scene (Labor Day in Boracay, for those not in the know) with what I thought was a long lost beer: GOLD EAGLE BEER. In a Mucho Grande (1 liter) bottle, too. It’s still readily available in the provinces and is a cheap(er!) alternative to the aforementioned staples.

photo courtesy of Nick Hernandez of #TeamStrato

So wherever you are in the Philippines during this insane summer heatwave, do enjoy, but don’t forget to hydrate! People tend to get drunk faster because of this heat.

Let me know how you stay cool in the summer. Cheers!

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      • Oh, Century City Mall’s Hole In The Wall! Much as I want to go there, it’s rather far from where I am right now. 😦 Good thing Clean Plate at UP Town Center carries a few bottles; my girlfriend managed to get some for us XD

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