The Zen of Drink


So I managed to finally return to practicing yoga.

Hang on… This is a beverage blog. What…?

Chill. Let me explain.

With the amount of drinks I consume on a regular basis (all in the name of research… Honestly! ;)), I try to discipline myself by making sure I exercise in some way. I find yoga to be challenging both physically and mentally. My practice allows me to face my week of research, talk, and writing with a certain amount of centeredness (if there is such a thing).

So I got quite curious after one class, when my BFF told me about a home made “elixir” our yogi makes. The yogi told us that this fermented elixir of his allows you to have energy if taken before and after practice. It came in different flavors (Strawberry, Guyabano, etc) but I went for the lemon ginger one. He warned me that taking the entire bottle turns you into something of an Energizer bunny, so half at a time is enough.


The Secret Yoga Elixir

I fell in love with it. The spicy ginger notes and sharp lemon flavor hit you wonderfully. It was perfect for refreshing yourself after an intense yoga session. Understandably, the ginger flavor is an aquired taste, but I love it. It reminded me of a sparkling version of the local “salabat”.

On another post-“death by yoga” session, I decided to pass by the newly opened Echostore. Echostore belongs to the Echo Yoga group (who I miss terribly, the new shala is too far now), which sells locally produced, environmentally friendly products. I decided to have a Bayani Brew. “Bayani” is Filipino for “hero”, and I decided to figure out whether or not their “Kick-ass Lemongrass” flavor is as heroic and kick-ass as the label suggests.


Kick-ass Lemongrass

It was such a welcome boost after the killer yoga session. It’s not too sweet, and the pandan blend adds a softer, fragrant dimension to the sharp, spicy lemongrass. I don’t know if it will save the day, but it certainly saved my parched, dying self. 😉

What do you normally drink before, during, or after working out? Cheers and Namaste!

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