An Interview with Paultender, The Ultimate Pinoy Pride


I have been endlessly fascinated and entertained by people who can flip bottles and serve me drinks at the same time. Yes, my friends, I am talking about the one and only flairtender.

My fascination with the art of flairtending started with the movie Coyote Ugly… I thought that the girls in the film were both bad-ass and sexy doing their stuff. I’ve always had flairtending as one of the things I want to learn before I die, but I found out that it takes so much dedication and practice, none of which I think I have enough of to pursue this art (just yet ;)).

One of my friends, however, has more than enough of that (and the good looks to back it up as well, hahaha)…. The ultimate Pinoy pride of flairtending, Paul Ceron. Like the friend that he is, he decided to grant me an interview to make my article on flairtending more believable… After all, I can honestly say I have no authority on this matter. 😉

*cue round of applause*

The one and only Paul Ceron

Me: What is flairtending?
Paul: Flairtending is a stylish act of mixing drinks which involves passion and entertainment. Basically the art of flipping, spinning, balancing, throwing and catching bottles while in the process of making drinks.

Me: How did you get into flairtending?
Paul: It was last 2002 when I watched a Food and Beverage Expo and saw some Flairtenders performing on stage. I found it interesting. Then I started practicing with the goal of becoming somebody in this field and after months of training I decided to join a nationwide bartending event. Luckily, I ranked as first runner up, and after that flairtending became my passion.

Me: Describe your Flairtending Organization.


Paul: My group is called FLAIR CLUB PHILIPPINES. I am the National President and the Founder. We were formed in 2007. Flair Club Philippines envisions to be the leading group in promoting Flairbartending as a sport in the Philippines. Our Mission is to raise Flairbartending to a new level of excellence through training with competent, highly skilled and knowledgeable members.

Me: What makes a good Flairtender?
Paul: There are a lot of ways to be good in this… Like practicing hard, being creative with your moves/routines, having focus and dedication, and most importantly joining a local competition to be competitive enough. Of course years of experience will lead you to be recognized in this field.

Me: What is the Filipino’s edge in Flairtending?
Paul: Simply, we never go into a battle if we are not ready… That is our number one edge. Second, our determination… Our having a dream. But most of all our faith in God.

Me: How can Filipinos show support to your representation of the Philippines in global flairtending competitions?
Paul: Through social media like FB, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and others and by liking my videos and greetings… With social media, I must say that it’s really worked because I feel support through messages and likes.

Me: How do you see the Philippine flairtending scene in the future?
Paul: I can say that Filipino Flairtenders are well equipped already and ready to accept any challenge in global scene. A year from now Filipino Flairtenders will be recognized as some of the best in this field.

Quite the ambition, and I must say Paul and the Filipino pride are on their way up. So take to social media, folks! Show your love and support for the Philippines’ own Paul Ceron! Cheers!


*photos all courtesy of Paul Ceron

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