Now that we’re over the holidays, it’s time to get back to reality… And hit the groceries.

Yup, so much partying happened over the holidays that we have officially depleted our stock of food and booze.

collage snr

Went home with these babies!

In the beginning of the year, I make it a point to shop for adequate amounts of spices, cooking essentials, snacks, toiletries, and drinks. There’s just something about an overflowing stockpile that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

#shopaholic #foodaholic #alcoholic

My favorite place for good, affordable booze has always been S&R. Granted, as with any imported product in the Philippines, the stocks can vary, which means you really have to look for the good stuff.

I normally buy tons of Sauvignon Blanc, as S&R always has a wide selection of Marlborough (my favorite region for the grape). The selection ranges from the affordable but yummy Matua (which my girls and I go through like air), to a lovely Saint Clair. Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs are a wonderful sensory overload: The smell of grass, crisp green fruits, and gooseberries is always a wonderful treat to the nose. Since we don’t have gooseberries in the Philippines, the closest thing I’ve found to smelling like it is our local kamias.

OK now I’m craving for Sinigang sa Kamias. Moving on…

A great surprise in my last trip was the Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon. I just could not resist but purchase a bit of history. The label is legendary for its role in the Judgment of Paris. Their 1973 vintage rated best in the red wine category during a blind tasting (no labels!) where the judges were French. This caused quite a stir, since French wines were generally regarded as THE best wines.*

I also found a cute flask of Cognac on the shelf. I know, you normally don’t associate the word “cute” with what is perceived to be a gentleman’s drink, but just look at the photo. It’s so tiny and PINK! Granted, it’s the lowest tier (VS, as opposed to VSOP or XO), but it’s PINK!!!

Besides, I actually learned to love the stuff from Audrey Hepburn, who used to drink a glass of Cognac after dinner. #notjustforguys

CanadaDryPhoto courtesy of Chad

I also needed to get some of the non-alcoholic stuff (contrary to popular belief, I do not subsist on booze). Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale is crisp, refreshing, delicious, and perfect for loading up on antioxidants. Granted, it’s not as healthy as natural juices or water (100 calories per can), but it’s a great alternative to soda. #slightlyhealthier

What are your interesting shopping finds? Cheers!

*Editor’s note: Try to watch BOTTLE SHOCK to see the full impact of the event.

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