The #Balikalindog Chronicles


Ahhhhh… January. Gym memberships skyrocket, parks get crammed full of posers joggers, and food consumption gets healthier.

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again when post-holiday regrets catch up to us and grip us with a vice-like hold.


In the advent of technology, we Pinoys even invented a hashtag for it: #BALIKALINDOG. “Balik” is return, and “alindog”, according to Google Translate, means charm. We, however, equate “alindog” to something a little more… Sensual. I think “balik alindog” is closer to “a return to sexy”, but hey. I’m not a linguist. I can be wrong!

Even I have fallen prey victim to this craze. I have resolved to up my exercise routine and limit my consumption of soda and beer (sigh). While I’ve accepted that genes and age have caught up to me (and my hips), I refuse to get winded easily.

Even Schrumpf, our Yorkie, is in. Part of his #balikalinDOG program is to climb up and down multiple flights of stairs everyday, just to build up his endurance for puppy agility (I now have no excuse).

Anyway. With getting healthier in mind, I have taken to rediscovering our tea stash. Tea is always a good beverage for digestion, and green tea is synonymous to fat loss.

We have a lot of tea available in the market, but for health benefits, here are three of my favorites:


  • Thé Vert Bio Silhouette (a wellness store in Bercy, Paris) – I’m a huge fan of loose leaf tea (especially while doing Downton Abbey maratons). This green tea has notes of mint, orange, and raspberry. The earthy, malty pu-erh notes compliment the grassy green tea character of the tea, making it a deliciously multi-dimensional drink.
  • Stash Lemon Ginger Iced Green Tea Powder (also comes in tea bags, Rustan’s Supermarket) – I can get lazy, and sometimes drinking hot tea is just not practical in our weather (read: HOT!). A good, quick alternative is this tea, with gentle notes of ginger and lemon. Bonus: Ginger is good for the throat (get slimmer/healthier while you hit the high notes).

tea honey collage

  • Q Yellow Ginger Tea (call +63998-4842628 for orders) – My mother-in-law introduced me to this instant tea wonder. Comes in powdered form (read: Instant Gratification) and best served hot, this yellow ginger tea is essentially turmeric. Turmeric fights bloating and is good for liver detox (I so need this given the amount of alcohol I consume). I love mixing it with some of the homemade lemon zest infused honey I got from a B&B in Chile, but any honey would do. It’s proudly Philippine made, and every purchase helps local communities in Quezon.

Of course, nothing beats drinking tons of water (add some lemon slices for vitamin C, further detox, and some taste), exercise, and practicing moderation.

For those embarking on a #balikalindog program, best of luck, and do share your tips as well. Cheers!

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