Popcorn, Chardonnay, Game of Thrones, and The AnTEA Snob


I meant what I said in my last entry: The previous week was quite taxing. I’m even looking forward to a busier one.

Not that I’m complaining… I love what I do.

There times, however, when I take advantage of my job and find a good beverage to chill out with.

I have to admit, relaxing with my husband, a nice bottle of vino, and a good movie or TV series (I prefer classics and documentaries, Chad prefers sci-fi… We somehow meet halfway with The Avengers) is divine.

A similar situation happened to us over the weekend… Except I was just too tired to cook (or eat) anything. I looked into the pantry and, lo and behold… Black truffle salt and microwavable popcorn. Score!


Popcorn with black truffle salt, Chardonnay, and Game of Thrones

The buttery notes of a proper Chardonnay go wonderfully with popcorn butter. A slightly more complex version (not too pricey) complements the flavors of truffle.

Granted, all the bloody slaying in GOT was too ghastly that we had to switch to House of Cards, but we did not change the snack.

As part of my #balikalindog #sexyback program, I’m trying to get myself back into yoga. A friend of ours is currently getting his certification, and I’m absolutely psyched to have him as an instructor.

As a show of support, I allowed myself to become a “guest student” in his batch’s practicum.

It meant I needed to be there at 8am.


I am not a morning person. Yet another reason why I love what I do (“I drank too much last night, sorry… Can we make the meeting 4pm instead?”).

Alas, I love my friends too much and decided to go. By the end of the class, I was fully stretched, starving, and in dire need of caffeine (I don’t like having coffee immediately before or after yoga… It jolts my system a little too much. I prefer tea).

However, I was exhausted. So I stopped being a puritan for once, and opted for a tea bag instead of my usual, very ritualistic loose-leaf tea.


“My name is Gail, and I had tea from a bag.”

Oh shush you snobs… I had an incredibly fragrant Twining’s Jasmine Green Tea bag. I was pleasantly surprised: It was beautifully fragrant, and tasted fabulously herbaceous. The weight loss benefit of green tea wasn’t lost on me, either.

Of course, any benefit was out the window because of the honey bun I had from Wildflour.


What do you drink on your down time? Cheers!

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