Love and Wine – An Interview with Daniella Gillmore Esturillo of Gillmore Winery


Wine is undeniably associated with love: Romantic dinner dates paired with wine, newlyweds toasting with Champagne, using wine as a delicious aphrodisiac… These are just some images we have of wine and l’amour.

When I was looking for inspiration on my blog entry, I realised that the best way to illustrate love and wine is to use actual “people in love” as examples.

As I looked around my office, I found a calling card I got from my trip to Chile, which showed me exactly what I needed: Gillmore Winery.


Gillmore Winery, with the lady of the house showing us her gorgeous vineyard

As a person who has actually been there, I can tell you that the lady of the house is just as entertaining, humorous, and lovely as her wines (and her calling card). Her stories were sweet, and her many anecdotes about herself and her husband were funny.

So, I decided to introduce her (and her passion for wine and family) to you through my Valentine’s Day interview special.


Daniella, checking out one of her “babies” 

Me: Please tell us about your wines.

Daniella Gillmore Esturillo: Gillmore Winery and Wineyards is a family winery, located in Loncomilla Valley, Chile. We produce red wines in the dry farming area of the region.

Me: The most memorable part of my visit (apart from the lovely wines) is your stories about your family and your husband. Can you tell me (and my readers) a brief story about you and your husband?

DGE: We met in 1995. We were both doing a practice for university, but we didn’t see each other for a few years, until 2000. It was then that I started working at the winery, and he was working for KJ (another wine house). I was selling grapes to them. This is when we started working together. Finally, we started dating. After three years, we decided to get married, and now, we are both working in our winery.

Me: What is it like working with your husband to make your beautiful wines?

DGE: We always adjust to each other and respect each other a lot. He cares about the wines and the grapes (and so do I), so we compliment each other. Making wines and wines in general are our passion, so it’s fun to do it together.


Daniella’s lovely children

Me: Can you share stories or anecdotes about working with your husband?

DGE: Our first son, Martin, was two years old during the middle of one harvest. So we took him to the winery with us so we could work. My husband and I were tasting the wine from the fermenting tanks, and suddenly, we didn’t know where Martin was. We found him inside one of the pump equipment, all covered in grape juice, skins, and throwing grape juice all over!!!

Me: Do you have a wine that is like your “baby”? What is it?

DGE: I think it’s the Gillmore Hacedor de Mundos Cabernet Franc. It was the first wine we made at the winery and the first one we sold, so it opened the road for us!


The wines of Gillmore Winery

Me: How does working together with your husband translate itself to your wine?

DGE: He constantly tells me what he is looking for in the wines and I try to adjust (to his specifications) in the vineyard. He is very passionate and dedicated to his wines, and he is always trying to (come up with) new ideas or new projects. I like his capacity to dream.

Me: You and your husband have been together for quite some time. Do you have any tips on married couples?

DGE: I think you have to be partners and friends, find space to be together, share something in common (for example, we like jogging together), but also have your own life and space. For me, that is extremely important. You need to do your own things and have your own life.


The people of Gillmore have so much love going around, they even share it with their community by selling indigenous products

I hope this inspires you, my dear readers, to happily pursue love, passion, and lots of wine. Happy Valentine’s Day and Salud!

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