Just A Little Unwell


My husband got sick. I decided to nurse him, and when the weekend came, I got hit with the same bug that’s been going around.

Sore throat, cough, and colds… Oh my.

This is, of course, another excuse for my being absent for a week (eheh).

Since I’m supposed to write about beverages, I decided to take my being sick as an inspiration to write about different everyday beverages that work surprisingly well for some health annoyances.

Take note that these do not have any therapeutic claims, and one should still exercise caution when trying out the alcoholic beverages mentioned in this post.


  • Sore Throat Ludy’s Salabat (Cash and Carry Makati)
    I happened upon a jar of this local, very Pinoy, traditional wonder after being slightly strapped for cash and craving for the same ginger tea. I was seriously hankering for a particular one being served in one of the famous Manila spa chains. Apparently, the correct mix to get the spa’s tea is ginger, cayenne pepper, and sugar. This beauty goes down your throat, soothing it better than any lozenge could. Quite addictive too.
  • ColdsCalamansi juice and honey
    Our “Philippine lemon” is amazing: tons of vitamin C in a not-so-puckering fruit. Juice it, add some honey to make it less tart, and voila! Say goodbye to your sniffles.
  • CoughGin and Calamansi
    Admittedly I learned this from a former bartender. I had horrendous phlegm, and he suggested this concoction. I tried it, and the following day, I, uhm… Expunged all the phlegm from my system. No hangovers too. It may be a bit unorthodox, and if you’re planning to take medicines, don’t try this at home.
  • GasAngostura Bitters in tonic water
    This is one of my former boss’ remedies. Granted, it does not taste that great, but it does wonders for gas pains.
  • “Lady” Problemsbeer, or soda (preferably Coke Zero)
    Okay, I have no idea how this manages to alleviate the monthly visitor’s painful wrath. I learned about it from a former disco mom and it works for me. Maybe it’s the carbonation…?
  • Potential Hangover – match each drink with a glass of water, then end the night with a Coke Zero
    Water destroys any potential for dehydration, the main culprit for getting drunk out of your mind (and a killer headache tomorrow). Coke Zero is a nice caffeine jolt without making your feel even more thirsty.
  • Hangover Virgin Mary
    A friend told me that a glass of Bloody Mary (the alcoholic counterpart) allows your stomach to gently catch up with the booze in your system from the night before. IMHO, you have to stop it with the alcohol at some point… Also, if it’s a “balancing-of-stomach-acid” issue, with enough lemon juice and tomato juice, a Virgin Mary should do the trick. Bonus points: the tomato juice has enough antioxidants to slowly cleanse you from the alcohol.

In no way, shape, or form should the last two entries be used as an excuse to drink like crazy. Responsible drinking involves knowing your limitations, and keeping safety in mind. #justsaying 😀

I hope this helps. Here’s to getting better soon. I toast you with my Salabat. Cheers!

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