I Like You… (A Seal of Approval)


I’m an embarrassingly emotional weepy person when I get happy for a friend.

I proved that to one of my closest fellow educated alcoholics when she broke the news of a little one on the way.

Needless to say, I wept like a crazy woman in her restaurant (I’m lucky she still considers me a friend after the heaping mess I became).

Classic us, however, addressed the most important question: “Can you drink?”

While I tell you that this entry is in no way to be taken as the ultimate bible for pregnancy, here’s what we found out: It really varies per soon-to-be-mom. Most women would be allowed a glass of wine AT MOST a day, but some (with their pregnancies being delicate) are told to avoid drinking altogether. Caffeine is best avoided, but some pregnant women are allowed minimal amounts in a day (in fact, during our lunch, my friend was having a Coca-Cola).

Like I said, however (and I can’t stress this enough), best to consult your OB.

We compared stories of friends who were pregnant and drinking… Some subscribed to the “one glass max a day” philosophy, and one friend actually enjoyed wine spritzer in place of wine.


wine spritzer à la moi!

A wine spritzer is a cocktail made out of aromatic white wine (I prefer a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc), some lemon soda or tonic water (I like using Sprite Zero), tons of ice, and a slice of orange or lemon. Assemble in a wine glass.

You can actually enjoy this drink on a hot day (pregnant or otherwise), by the side of a pool (or in front of a laptop, like I’m doing right now)… Play around with the proportions (less wine is better if you’re avoiding booze).

Try it at home and let me know how you find it. Salud!

*This is for Ines, Elian, and their little Chihuahito/Chihuahita. 😉

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