Exploring the Unusual – Washington State Wines


I love exploring the unusual. I love having been a solo Asian female traveler that visited vineyards halfway around the world. I love being a lady learning about alcohol. I love destroying stereotypes.

This sounds like such a rebellious opening statement for today’s entry, but I figure it’s the best way to introduce something I immersed myself in last weekend.

See, typically, when people talk about wines from the USA, people automatically think: California. With good reason, though… It is home to 90% of USA’s wine production, Chateau Montelena in Napa (the wine that smashed the conventional notion of French wines being better than every other wine on the planet), the Pinoy girl’s favourite pink wine (White Zinfandel), and convenient chillable boxed wine (with a tap).

In relation to my opening statement, however, I would like to introduce you to a wine producing region in USA that is completely underrated (and under-discussed, IMHO), Washington State.

Why should anyone explore wines from this part of the world?

First, they only make premium (read: quality, quality, quality!) wines, which means you take the guesswork out when you purchase their wines.

Also, given that this is a colder region (producing wines with higher acidity…) enjoying longer hours of sunshine during the summer (…with fully ripe fruit), you get food friendly, elegantly textured wines.

This information is absolutely essential when you’re strapped for time to buy wine for a housewarming party (I mean, how cool is that? You couldn’t go wrong with picking out any Washington State bottle from a shelf? Awesome!)

Here is one of my personal favorites: Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay. It’s accessible (easy to buy from your friendly Wine Warehouse stores), and the location is similar to that of Burgundy (known for making excellent Chardonnays in the form of a Chablis). Once again, it’s a bit chilly in this part of the world, guaranteeing a less flabby and elegant take on a Chard.


(used with permission from David Andrews of Chateau Ste Michelle)

Enjoy the video, and enjoy the wine. I am personally craving for seared scallops with this baby. Cheers!

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