Locally Available International Coolers – The Dairy Edition


While I would normally recommend your typical citrusy, acidic treats as the summer season welcomes us with its scorching hot arms, I decided to experiment on something else: I explored a few dairy-based coolers, totally unorthodox for summer.

For this particular research, I decided to take an unusual (masochistic) route and limit myself to a few parameters (how systematic):

  • Something unique (so no Piña Coladas or Milkshakes)
  • Something with international origins (it was particularly hard to resist the temptation to have some sago at gulaman, samalamig, melon juice…)
  • Something dairy
  • Something cooling

So… I came up with three drinks worth trying out:


  • Eng Bee Tin’s Milk Tea, and Strawberry Soya Milk (China) – Eng Bee Tin, Binondo
    Eng Bee Tin’s deli is a must for people keen to explore the fabulous food in the world’s oldest Chinatown. While the rice toppings, noodles, and dim sum are absolutely DA BOMB, it must be said that their Milk Tea is just as awesome. Equal parts refreshing and tasty, it’s a gorgeous partner to their affordable menu. The Strawberry Soya is splendid too… But it’s a nice, non-dairy, equally scrumptious option.
    Alternative Options: Happy Lemon’s Malt Milk Tea (for a little bit of a twist), and the ever accessible Silk flavored soy milk (most groceries)


  • Kashmir’s Sweet Lassi (India) – Kashmir Deli, Forbes
    Lassi is a popular yogurt-based drink, served in two different “taste” flavors: Traditional (or simply Lassi) is savory (flavored with spices), and Sweet Lassi (sweetened with sugar and/or fruits). I decided to focus on the sweet version, since we Pinoys prefer our edibles all sugary. A good way to describe this drink is… Well, a large version of Yakult.
    Alternative Options: Ziggurat’s version is yummy too, as well as the one from New Bombay (and if you’re nice to the Indian old lady proprietress, you will be her suki and she will love you forever)


  • Green Matcha Frappe (Japan) – Epic, Kapitolyo
    Matcha is a fine powdered green tea. It’s creamy, delicious, earthy, and all around wonderful. Epic’s Frappe version of the Matcha is intensely flavourful, rich, creamy, and refreshing. It will make you think of drinking Green Tea Kit Kat bars!
    Alternative Options: There is a similar version in Starbuck’s, just ask for their green tea frappe.

I have got to end it here… All this writing about summer coolers makes me want to hit the beach. Now.


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