Shamelessly Going Print!



Hello readers!

In observance of the Holy Week, I will not be posting anything this week.

I do, however, invite you to go to your friendly neighbourhood newsstand and pick up a copy of Lifestyle Asia on Easter Sunday. I hope you have fun reading about my food and wine adventures in beautiful Chile as I did recounting it.

Very, very special thanks to the team of One Mega Group for turning my ramblings into a delectable tale, as well as making a non-writer’s impossible dream come true. 😉

Muchos Gracias to all the winemakers, brand representatives, and all the warm people I’ve met in Chile. You made myself feel at home on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in your breathtaking country. I especially would like to extend my thanks to Patricio, Maria Jose, and the rest of the awesome team of ProChile for accommodating me (and meeting me halfway with my little Spanglish). You have redefined hospitality in so many amazing ways.

Muchos Gracias to Ambassador Luis Lillo and Ms. Fernanda Vila of the Embassy of Chile for the kind consideration and assistance.

Thank you very much to the wonderful team of Smart Travel & Tours* for assisting us in booking everything we needed for the trip. Your team is very much a part of this project.

Thanks and Namaste to Paul Catiang for (virtually) holding my hand through the entire process (and patiently letting me have mini-meltdowns).

Most especially, thanks so much to my dear husband for understanding my need to do this trip. I love you for all the support, taking care of Schrumpf while I was gone, believing in me, going extremely OC with my travel plans, and just for being the best husband in the world.



For my friends living abroad, you can pick up a copy of Lifestyle Asia (and the rest of Mega’s magazine lineup) through the Magzter app (for smartphones and tablets).

*To book tickets and/or tours, please contact +(632) 254-5011 to 13

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