Beer and Fast Cars


I have a few aspects that are surprisingly masculine: Proper fast cars and beer.

I’m not just saying that. I learned how to “adjust” some driving skills from a childhood friend. He taught me the art of check braking and how to appreciate beastly machines (I still dream of owning a proper American muscle car, and I’m torn between a Dodge Charger and a Ford Mustang). I baffle friends with my ability to park with nothing but a couple of inches between my car and the next, as well as being able to make it from Katipunan to Makati in 15 minutes (after dinner, of course). I legitimately fawned over a German acquaintance’s Nissan Skyline, and I can tell if your car needs a new fan belt (or readjusting) just by hearing you start it up. Chad and I have paused in the middle of a conversation to figure out if a car that rolled by roared a real engine or a muffler.

I also love beer. I love living in the ultimate beer place on earth (San Miguel is Pinoy, awesome, affordable, and perfect for our humidity). Beer is so diverse that there’s a beer ranging from everyday frat boy to absolute gourmand.

I guess it goes without saying that we just saw Furious 7 and were surprisingly moved by the film (corny segue, I know).

For one thing, the tribute to Paul Walker was perfect: masculine and poignant without being cheesy. I realised it touched me so much because I grew up watching the franchise, and I felt that the good old days died along with Walker.

The first film came out when I was still in (gasp!) college, long before I decided to make a living out of intellectualising alcohol. This was the era when drag racing was cool, and beer was all I could afford (and consume in large amounts, preferably after our grades were given out/THESIS).

That being said, I grew up watching Walker’s Brian O’Connor character tear up the road, fully immersed in the culture of underground racing. There were THE cars (souped up rice rockets and muscle cars), pretty and awesome lady drivers, superb hip-hop music, and TONS of beer.

Another reason I was personally struck by Furious 7 is the mini-debate Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto had with Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody: Belgian Ale versus Corona beer.

Trust me to get enthralled by beer talk amidst all the high-octane action.

Just to add some facts to this argument, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Corona Chimay Gold
(Mr. Nobody never gave a specific brand, but this is the closest I could find to compare with Toretto’s poison)
Alcohol Percentage: 4.6% alcohol Alcohol Percentage: 4.8% alcohol
Style*: Lager Style*: Ale
Country of Origin: Mexico Country of Origin: Belgium
Characteristics: Mild flavors, very refreshing Characteristics: Spicy aromas, full flavors
Trivia: Best consumed with lime Trivia: Made by Trappist Monks that make beer under specific criteria

So, which one is better? Toretto did promise Nobody that he would try a Belgian Ale.

Maybe in Fast 8?

Will there even be a Fast 8?


Both from Rustan’s Supermarket

Meanwhile, we can decide. Chimay and Corona are available in reputable supermarkets and liquor stores (the gold one is harder to find, but they have a pretty respectable Belgian beer selection, as well as in Landmark).

To end this, it has to be said that I felt quite nostalgic with the Paul Walker/Brian O’Connor tribute towards the end of the film. Tasteful, respectful, powerfully restrained… Just like a good beer or a good engine.

MEANWHILE (and I hate sounding preachy), as with operating any heavy machinery, PLEASE do not take this entry as an excuse to drink and drive.

Anyway, #spoileralert, enjoy the video to fully grasp what I’m talking about (special thanks to YouTube). Cheers!

*ALE VERSUS LAGER: two main families of beer, main difference being the species of yeast upon fermentation

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