#2shotsaway from Carlton Hotel, Singapore


After careful deliberation with my brilliant husband (marketing extraordinaire), we’ve decided to use “2shotsaway” as a tagline (check out the new tab!).

To kick-start the idea, I would like to start off with telling you about the hotel we stayed in, the Carlton (I promise this isn’t paid, and I won’t go into travel-blog mode).

The moment my husband and I landed, we promptly had drinks with one of our best friends, K.

K and I share a love of anything adventurous, gastronomic, and alcoholic. Despite the fact that she was flying off to Boracay THAT SAME NIGHT (giving us about an hour to drink catch up), we decided to hole up in the lobby bar (Gravity Bar) and drink.

white lady - carlton

One of the coolest bartenders on earth, Karan, and his creation, the White Lady.

She and I decided to have some of the bartender Karan’s recommendation: The White Lady. After reassuring him that we can take the “strong version” (bad idea if you have a FLIGHT TO CATCH or have JUST LANDED), we enjoyed the refreshing, lethal cocktail made with a vodka base and sweet flavors (the recipe of which I never got Karan to ‘fess up).

Needless to say, the following day, I was groping around for coffee before I even went to the café for breakfast (Chad had to go to a business meeting). I was desperate enough to (gasp!) go for a 3-in-1 sachet in the room (a standard in most hotels).

nespresso - carlton

Nespresso Essenza – A lifesaver!

Thankfully, my taste buds were saved from an abominable fate, as there was a (drumroll) Nesspresso Essenza in the room. It made for an easy morning coffee before I had more downstairs.

After breakfast, I packed up complimentary bottled water from the hotel and headed out (cheapskate). The name of the bottlers pleasantly surprised me: DR. WHO.

who - cartlton

Just a touch disappointed that neither Tardis nor David Tennant popped up *lol*

After half expecting Tardis to pop up, pick me up, and make me travel through time, I knew: I was in the right hotel.

More of my drink adventures in SG in my next entry.

Do you have any of your own Singapore adventures to share? Cheers!

yy - carlton

I only caught “YY” on his name tag, but man… His happiness is one of the most infectious ones on the planet

*Extra special shout-out to the happiest, most cheerful, all-knowing, efficient, courteous, and helpful doorman that I’ve ever met in all my 32 years. You are THE definition of hospitality. Carlton and Singapore should be proud to have you. I promise that if we can get Pacquiao to meet you, we will. 😀

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