Sun. Food. Lake. Wine.


I know… I’ve been complaining so much about the migraine-inducing heat these days.

We’re averaging at a high of 35°C with a real feel of about 43°C lately, and I couldn’t help but get wistful… I wish I were in a cooler area, surrounded by a tranquil body of water, the sun being there but not brutally burning me, with a glass of wine and good food.

As I wondered why this image is so vivid in my head, I remembered: I was in such a place once.


Gorgeous view from our lunch table in Maule

Via Wines in Maule, Chile.

There was nothing more splendid than having one of their gorgeous wines while trying to take a bad photo of the place (it was impossible, by the way… It was too picturesque and perfect).


A fabulous bottle of Oveja Negra

The wine we had that day was perfect for the sunny afternoon, the appropriately named Oveja Negra (“Black Sheep”). It was one of those unusual but beautiful wines… A white made out of both red* and white grapes. It was a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere, which was both refreshing and full-bodied enough to pair well with the traditional Chilean empanadas we had.


Soft, deliciously superb, traditional Chilean empanadas

What do you want to do to cool off right now? Cheers!

*Facty-fact: You can make white wines out of red grapes by removing the skin before fermentation 😉

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