Writer’s Block and #drinkspirations


The biggest struggle for a non-writer is overcoming a huge writer’s block.

Admittedly, mine stemmed from a combination of not-so-nice circumstances and a full-to-the-brim schedule.

While I did have topics in mind, it was a struggle the past week to sit down and write.

But as Hemingway said, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

So here’s my one true sentence: When I hit a writer’s block, I like to seek inspiration from drink-related sources.

These are some of my #drinkspirations:


2015-06-10 10.45.11

Books by Natalie MacLean: “Unquenchable” (Kinokuniya Singapore) and “Red, White, and Drunk All Over” (a gift from EDB and Wine Story)

Natalie is aspirational. She is a female wine enthusiast who studied the subject (for real: being an educated alcoholic is not just a joke). She has traveled to different parts of the world to get up close and personal with the vines, the terroir, the winemakers, and their wines. She can talk about wines in a level that a novice wine lover can relate to, but academic enough that I learn something new every time I finish one of her books. She is not a wine snob, and manages to insert enough humor in her books to get me laughing in a salon while reading them (true story).

One of my favourite Natalie anecdotes was her foray into Burgundy. I loved her interview with the famous Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy, once the manager of the legendary Domaine de la Romanée-Conti winery, and present owner of Domaine d’Auvenay and Domaine Leroy:

“Her (Mme. Bize-Leroy) face darkens. “Who knows?” she snaps. “Certainly, the critics don’t. How can they predict when to drink my wine, when even I can’t? They’re making it up. C’est terrible! And their descriptions – filled with every silly berry on the planet!” We both shake our heads grimly at the stupidity of wine writers.

“They should write about how they feel, what’s going on inside them when they drink wine,” she says. “That would be much more helpful and interesting – and more truthful.””

– The Good Earth, “Red, White, and Drunk All Over” by Natalie MacLean

I re-read (and re-loved) the book this week, and the chapter on Burgundy inspired me enough to look back at our adventures in the wine region during our honeymoon… We were young, I was slightly more stupid (I just finished my WSET exam but have not exposed myself to enough wines to merit an intelligent conversation with Burgundian winemakers), and armed with a sense of bright-eyed enthusiasm, adventure, and a better-functioning liver.

Maybe I’ll write about that one day. Hmmmm…


This, by far, is one of my all-time favourite wine documentaries. I have always been a fan of Oz Clarke’s down-to-earth, relatable, no-nonsense approach to wines.

The documentary put Oz with the loveable gearhead from Top Gear UK (and wine novice), James May.

They went together like motor oil and water, but it was hilarious to watch them banter. Oz also achieved his goal of getting a seemingly uninterested dude like James to understand wines (and what a feat that was).


I know I have written about “The Professor” and multi-awarded flairtender a year ago, right before I launched the blog publicly.

Like I’ve mentioned during the start of this entry, the past week has been quite a struggle. As I made myself a gin and tonic to wind down, It made me think of this wonderful and talented gentleman, always with a smile to his face, and generating 20,000 watts of pure good vibes.

It made me think… What would Paul do?

He would flair.

Then take a #selfie. Hehehehe…

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy Hallmark card, things will get better, and it’s always a good exercise to look for something inspirational to bring a smile to your face.

Mine happens to involve drink. 😉 Cheers!

*P.S. Try not to drink when you’re feeling highly emotional, it can cause alcoholism from using alcohol as a crutch

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