Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan.


Pierce Brosnan will always be James Bond to me.

Well, so is Daniel Craig… But when your father-in-law looks like Craig, it gets really awkward.

So, Brosnan as Bond it is.

#childofthe90s #goldeneye

007 will always be associated with a “Martini – shaken, not stirred” (except for recent Craig movies that made Bond drink beer, but let me save that for another entry).

So imagine my surprise one afternoon when we went to Barcino’s for a late lunch and saw Pierce Brosnan’s name on a wine bottle.

James Bond, Tempranillo in a Spanish restaurant, a bright red bottle… It did not compute.

2015-06-24 13.36.37

Bond… James Bond.

We decided to buy the bottle and take it home (for research purposes, of course).

The label said that the bottle is part of the Whatever It Takes ( collection. The organization raises funds for “global development causes – poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and the protection of children”.

The artwork for the Tempranillo bottles was created and donated by Brosnan to Bodegas Vicente Gandia, who in turn has committed to raise a minimum of €450,000 from the wine collection for Whatever It Takes.

Donating to a good cause, check. Patronizing a piece of Pierce Brosnan, check. The potential to get drunk and happy, check.

The all-important question, however: Is it any good?

Absolutely. It is a stereotypical Tempranillo, with lush textures, notes of cassis and vanilla, plus a hint of tobacco and prunes. I rarely have high hopes for a 100% Tempranillo (most Spanish wines would be a blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha to make “well-rounded” wines), but this one was splendidly smooth and balanced (quite a long finish, too).

So… Live another day and try one for yourself. It’s not too expensive, and is available in your friendly neighborhood Barcino’s.

Who’s your favorite Bond? Cheers!

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