Working Weekend!


It is an occupational hazard for people like myself (professional boozers, educated alcoholics, or beverage connoisseurs) to work during the evenings and/or weekends.

Since I love what I do, however, it has yet to feel like work… I also recognise that I’m incredibly fortunate to be given opportunities to pursue my passion, and be surrounded by wonderful people while I’m at it.

I guess this post is a way to give a shoutout to the lovely audience I’ve had over the weekend in Poco Deli Kapitolyo for the French Wine 101 class*. It was such a trip!


If you’ve stumbled upon this on Facebook, you must be looking at the right account. 😉

I looked at my blog and, I realised, they’re right: There’s no way to contact me. Please follow 2shots (and leave a message or two) on our official Facebook account.

I will admittedly spend the rest of this day hammering out overdue articles (an ambitious three-part series which will be posted sometime this week).

Meanwhile, see you in social media. 🙂 Cheers!

*Note: This post is also an apology for not being able to finish the article I was supposed to have posted last week… Gasp!

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