When I first encountered the word Chia, it was in relation to things that grow on terracotta figurines (as in Chia Pets, like so).


Massive jar of Chia seeds

Chad and I stumbled upon Chia Seeds from a booth in Salcedo Market a few Saturdays ago, and we were blown away by the amazing health benefits it has:

  • It has tons of Omega-3 (good for the heart), more calcium than milk (awesome for bones, a healthy alternative for mildly lactose intolerant people, like me), loads of iron (I’m anemic so I’m loving this), antioxidants, lots of potassium (perfect for people who work out and cramp easily), and magnesium (what I need to make my liver healthier)
  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Enhances energy (the sleepyhead/lazybones in me rejoices)
  • Aids in weight loss (yay!)

A way to introduce this to one’s diet is through adding it to beverages, including juices.


Pretty colours!

I decided to give it a shot. I juiced dragon fruits (pink and white), pineapples, apples, and oranges. I came up with the most colorful juice I’ve ever seen. It was deliciously refreshing, and (psychosomatic or otherwise) I felt healthier.

How do you use Chia seeds? Cheers!

*Saturdays in Salcedo Market, Sundays in Sidcor Market (Centris Station). Interested buyers (they have a massive selection of health food items) can contact Rich at +639277137977, Free delivery in Makati. 😉

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