Local Beer #lifehack


Proudly #pinoy San Miguel Pale Pilsen

If there’s one thing my foreign friends could agree on (historical rivalries notwithstanding), it’s the love of our local beer.

Our French friend capitalized on this statement by seeking out a bottle of San Miguel the moment she returned to Manila. Even our British friend (who doesn’t drink, gasp!) has told me about her husband’s San Miguel beer consumption.

Despite the fact that our British friend doesn’t like alcoholic beverages, she knows a better use of San Miguel: tanning lotion.

I got over the scandal (I couldn’t wrap my head around the waste of perfectly good booze, or stop my imagination from running wild with disgust) just long enough to ask how she knew about this.

A friend of hers came over from England and checked into one of the hotels in Makati. As her friend sipped drinks in the hotel bar, the bartender struck up a conversation with her. She told the bartender she was going to sun herself by the pool the following day, so the bartender suggested trying San Miguel Pale (after a little sunblock) in place of tanning oil.

The following day, the woman ordered a margarita and a bottle of San Miguel, then took the bartender’s advice… She spent the afternoon tanning by the poolside with her San Miguel concoction, and ended up with the best tan she has ever had in her life.

Fair warning though, it’s still best with a little sunblock underneath to avoid too much UV exposure (and a bad burn).

This got me thinking about other uses for beer. After some research, I have discovered a few interesting ones:

  • Hair rinse (for added volume)
  • Highlighter (for hair)
  • Coffee and tea stain remover (for fabric)
  • Pot polisher (brass)
  • Fruit fly trap (and slug killer, bee killer, roach killer, mice killer…)
  • Jewelry cleaner (gold)

What other #lifehack do you know that uses beer? Cheers!

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