Intovert’s Day Out – Salcedo Edition


There are so many wonderful food places in Salcedo Village. A lot of articles and blogs have been written about it.

I’m a beverage writer though.

So, in the effort to seek inspiration for an article (yes, I went through yet another writer’s block), I decided to abandon my introversion for a day (believe me, it took a TON of effort), walk around the neighborhood, and research some decent places and beverages to drink in Salcedo Vilage.

It’s easy to write the area off as a wine mecca (there are at least five wine stores, and tons of restaurants serving wine), so I limited the research to non-wine.


Happiness = coffee, a fashion magazine, a cozy nook, and a tree-lined view

  • CBTL (Ground Floor, Four Seasons Building, Tordesillas Corner Toledo Street) – Admittedly, you won’t find anything different (menu-wise) in this branch versus the others… Except for the view. No matter what time of the year it is, it feels cozy enough to hang out in all day with a laptop or a magazine. I normally order their cappuccino. Bonus: Their spinach and ravioli pasta is actually pretty yummy.
  • Toby’s Estate (V Corporate Building, L.P. Leviste Street)I always find this place to be a touch Greenwich Village (with the industrial interiors)… I always order the Gibraltar (click here for a previous article). Always.

Just looking at this makes me feel healthier…

  • Wholesome Table (Infinity Tower, H.V. Dela Costa corner L.P. Leviste Street)I drink too much. I need to juice from time to time. They have tons of fresh, raw juice options (all the vitamins and minerals are intact!) for every need (feeling down? Feeling bloated? Feeling not-so-pretty?). My favorite is Be Alive (because I do feel like part of the undead from time to time). Have it in the restaurant, or take it home.
  • Terry’s Bistro (132 L.P. Leviste corner Sedeño Street) – Yes, they do have an extensive, appropriately priced, and smart wine selection. I do, however, encourage you to try their Sangria. It’s awesome with their Jamon Serrano, too!

Sweet Lassi from New Bombay (look for the kindly old Indian lady proprietress, she’s a sweetheart!)

  • New Bombay (Ground Floor Sagittarius Building, H.V. Dela Costa Street) – Really? Beverages in an Indian food restaurant? Yes, because Sweet Lassi. This yogurt-based drink is perfect with New Bombay’s palak paneer and They also have several flavors to choose from (I just prefer sweet).

clockwise, from top left: yay, they have beer on tap; salted caramel with rum, and a cheeseburger; shake flavours

  • 8 Cuts (Infinity Tower, H.V. Dela Costa corner L.P. Leviste Street)Really? Beverages in one of the best burger joints in town? Yes, because milkshake. Try their thick, salty, creamy Salted Caramel… Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try their Maple Bacon Vanilla. Want to feel like a high school kid again, and pretend to fool your folks into thinking you’re drinking something legit? Have it done Tipsy Cow style for an optional add-on of rum or vodka.

Salcedo is the ultimate hang out for food and drinks… Just be mindful of the fact that it’s still a residential area. Try not to be one of those unwanted “visitors” who severely devalue the area (litterbugs, catcallers, people lacking in situational awareness, etc.).


I’m absolutely sure there will be succeeding articles, because Salcedo is just that: dynamic, young, and ever changing.

What’s your favorite Salcedo drink? Cheers!

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  1. Hehe, you can’t go wrong with CBTL – I’m a fan of their tea lattes (specifically the English Breakfast one), perfect with a warm raisin scone, strawberry jam, and butter. 😉 For Toby’s Estate, I wanna go back to their Ortigas branch sometime; a literal blessing for a Northerner like me! 😀

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