Yay! Yay! Ladurée!


I love food, drinks, travel, the colour pink, and Sterling Columbian roses (thanks to that old Christian Slater film, Bed of Roses).

One of my favourite things in the world that combines food, roses, and pink is the rose macaron. I’m addicted to the stuff… I can gorge on that with tea or champagne (like a total Marie Antoinette).

The downside to my Rose Macaron addiction is the fact that only Ladurée produces that these days.

The upside is… They’ve FINALLY opened up a branch in 8 Rockwell.



Before I get crucified for featuring food (something very mainstream at that), note that Ladurée not only produces these gorgeous pastries… They also blend their own tea.

You know how I am with tea. 😉

For those who really want to live #LaVieEnRose, I highly recommend Ladurée’s Rose Tea. Made with Black China tea, Ceylon, and rose petals, it’s gorgeous with their Rose Macarons. Serve it in the Royal Albert 1960’s patterned tea set for a truly rosy afternoon.

I hope this makes you see this week through rose coloured glasses. Happy Monday! Cheers!

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