Pinoy Fast Food and Wine Pairing


I’ve been addicted to Pinterest lately (thanks to P, who introduced me to it and got me hooked).

As I wasted spent an hour looking at wine-related pins, I found one that involved fast food and wine matches.

I pored over the chart and realized, hey… It’s up my alley, and goes with my advocacy of promoting a casual wine culture.

Thing is, not all the fast food chains (or particular wine labels) in the list are available in Manila.

So, in the interest of embarking on a new adventure, I’m planning to do a series on what Pinoy fast food you can pair with different wines that are readily available.

Disclaimer: For the sake of my health and some research, I will only attempt one per month.

Let’s start with an easy one: Chowking. Chowking is the quintessential Pinoy go-to fast food joint for quick, slightly “filipinized” Chinese food.

chinese and riesling

Chowking and Riesling

Theoretically speaking, Chinese food (which is essentially what Chowking is supposed to be) goes well with light, sweet white wine. I tried Chowking’s kangkong with bagoong, lumpiang shanghai, “Chinese”-style fried chicken, and pancit with an affordable German Riesling.

The result was spectacular. The light, crisp, sweet Riesling highlighted the subtle but numerous flavors of the Chowking food.

What do you suggest we try next? Cheers!

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