Accio Butterbeer!


One of the things people know about me is my extreme geek side. I am a history buff, a beverage nerd… And I can talk to anyone about certain fandoms for hours… Marvel Superheroes, Jane Austen, Downton Abbey, and of course, Harry Potter.

Chad knew I love the Harry Potter series (I’ve watched and re-watched the films, read and reread the books, dreamt of what butterbeer tastes like, and was among the multitudes who got disappointed with the way Chamber of Secrets was translated into film), which is why, as a birthday present, he decided to get us tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

2015-10-15 16.22.20

Awesome Diagon Alley Shot!

A fair WARNING to those seeking to go on the London Harry Potter Tour: #SPOILERALERT!!!

Halfway through the tour is this cafeteria that serves several unhealthy food items (burgers, hotdogs, etc). I was willing to skip it until I saw what I’ve been looking for: BUTTERBEER!!!

After I posted it on my personal account, tons of friends started asking me what it tasted like. Is it alcoholic? Does it taste like beer? What is it?

2015-10-15 15.45.26


I apologize for having even more #spoliers, but… It’s cream soda. It’s very similar to the old Coca-Cola cream soda (I’m not too sure if they still produce it, but I’m positive I had some when I was a kid) FLOAT. The vanilla ice cream on top of it was deliciously thick and creamy.

Childhood fantasy unlocked.

What’s your magical childhood fantasy beverage? Cheers!

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