Pinoy Arts and Crafts


To be quintessentially Pinoy is to be “mixed”, and be cool with it. We Filipinos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: Polynesian (the typical Filipinos with the enviable year-round tan), Mestizos, Filipino-Chinese…

No matter what our family’s bloodline looks like, one thing is for certain: We are generally awesome and #morefun. We win beauty pageants (we just won Miss Earth through Filipino-Chinese Angelia Ong), we are phenomenal singers (any jeepney driver can carry a tune), and we can knock out any LEGIT boxer in a ring (#shotsfired).

Pale Ale photo

Mouthwatering Juan Brew Pale Ale

Like a typical Pinoy blend, Juan Brew Pale Ale (the name couldn’t get more Pinoy) is made out of different ingredients from Germany, America, France, and parts of Europe. This recipe was conceived using the best procedures possible (as their site says, it involved “research, experimentation, late nights, and a few hangovers”), and perfected in our own shores. Also, just like us, the mix is still evolving, so…


New styles will be introduced next year. 😉

Meanwhile, I find that the taste of Juan Brew Pale Ale is closer to the full-flavored pints I’ve had in London. It’s crisp, clean, well-rounded, and smells pleasantly fragrant… Perfect for a dinner with friends over pulutan (now I’m craving for proper sisig and isaw), or a hot summer day, lounging around in one of our renowned beaches.

What’s your Pinoy way of enjoying your beer? Videos of your karaoke night over beer are absolutely welcome. Tagay!

Interested in Juan Brew Pale Ale (tamaraw not included)? You can contact them through:

Telephone Number: +632 821 7181




If these establishments are in your neck of the woods, you can find them here as well:


Big Bad Wolf


Mr. Delicious




Marcia Adams Restaurant



…just to name a few 😉


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