Hermès Style


I know I’ve mentioned it in previous entries, but the holiday rush has really thrown our family for a loop. Our schedules have been insane with back-to-back parties, last minute work related matters, and errands to run before we leave for the holidays.

I finally managed to have a break today, which means I got to actually have some much-needed “me” time.

After watching the much anticipated and highly controversial Miss Universe 2015 (Yay, Pilipinas!), I spent the the rest of the day like any normal “woman with a plan” would: I had my nails done in our neighborhood nail spa, followed by a long overdue (9 months!) spa day.

I decided to really treat myself and try out the new-ish spa in our neighborhood: Hua Spa (Tordesillas Street). It was a little more expensive than most of the spas in the neighborhood, but I can vouch for the fact that it was worth it. They had eloquent and splendidly professional staff, amazing therapists, and…


Amour Thé in an Hermès tea set


The tea was not just the standard salabat served in some spa chains (I have nothing against salabat, but I’ve been dying for a change). They let clients choose from four varieties of TWG tea served in pretty Hermès tea sets. It felt like the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

To top it off, I had the best treatment ever: A coffee scrub. Apart from the anti-oxidant benefits (and caffeine jolt) coffee has, it’s awesome in removing cellulite. I don’t think I became a VS Angel with that one treatment, but I smelled fabulous, and my skin felt amazing.

I know this entry isn’t much, but I’m hammering out a very traditional holiday article in time for Christmas Eve (I just really needed the break today).

Let me know what you like to do on your down time. Cheers!

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