Écoutez-moi parler ! (Listen to Me Talk!)





I am going to try to put a little bit of my French language classes with a touch of our travel experiences in Burgundy, add them to what I’ve learned from WSET, then combine it with my snarky sense of humour to come up with a wine night that’s guaranteed fun all around.

If you are keen on experiencing this (and promise to leave your wine snobbery out the door), then please come to Le Jardin’s first Wine and Dine Night on 27 January 2016.

The dinner will feature five wines from Burgundy paired with five scrumptious dishes prepared by the one and only celebrity chef Jonas Ng (of Chef Next Door).

Each ticket is PHP5,000+ and they’re going fast (we only have limited seats). Reserve yours through +63917-8112171.

See you there!

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