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29 March, Tuesday, 11:30pm, Manila, after a haphazardly prepared dinner with a nice 2005 Saint-Emilion and good company, I’ve finally decided to be a wee bit more public about the blog and create an Instagram account.

There’s not much photos uploaded yet (I’m slowly posting stuff during my free time), but the current content may be familiar to people who have read previous entries of the blog.

Follow us on Instagram:


It’s OFFICIAL! Instagram: @2shotsandapintofficial

Here’s to hoping it becomes a good source of #drinkspiration. Cheers!


Writer’s Block, Hunger, and Beer


Hello, my name is Gail, and I’m suffering from writer’s block.

*”Hi, Gail!”*

Anyway, I’m hoping my tried and tested combination of Anthony Bourdain, Natalie MacLean, good food, and a couple of pints of beer would help.

That being said, here’s something I’m really looking forward to:

I mean, come on: Excellent beer (courtesy of Baguio Craft Brewery)? Check.

Awesome burgers (by Burgers and Brewskies)? Check.

Good, fun people all around? CHECK!

See you on April 1 from 11am-9pm in Open Space Jupiter! Cheers!

*video courtesy of 2 Big Guys Productions

Visita Iglesia 2016


“Pineapple” (juice) and “Chocolate” sold amongst Pinoy street food near San Agustin Church in Intramuros

In the spirit of Holy Week, we are not posting the usual hardcore (and slightly snarky) drink post in our blog.

Instead, in respect to the religious tradition in a predominantly Catholic country, we will refrain from doing so. We will definitely post something after Easter, though. 🙂

That being said, as we are also participating in the traditional Visita Iglesia (a Filipino Catholic tradition of visiting seven churches) and Stations of the Cross in this scorching Manila heat, we would like to remind everyone to keep yourselves hydrated.

See you after Easter! Cheers!

What Happens in Baguio…


…Shouldn’t stay in Baguio.

Before I alarm some of the friends I went to Baguio with (I promise I won’t talk about your seven levels of inebriation in this article), let me explain.

Apart from the fact that it is really and truly the ultimate summer capital of the Philippines (yes, there is a place in our tropical archipelago that goes below 20C!), Baguio is also one of the finest places in the Philippines to go for a major food trip.

I can go on and on about how amazing and fresh the vegetables are (we were lucky to have sampled them straight from the farm!), or how yummy Good Shepherd Ube is (any Pinoy child of the 80s has been dragged to the convent kicking and screaming, only to be sated by a spoonful of their legendary strawberry jam)… But this being a drink blog, I would like to highlight (nay, capitalise) on my ultimate Baguio discovery: Baguio Craft Brewery. It’s the first craft beer brewery in the city, with the brewing equipment in plain sight, a variety of IPAs, dark beers, fruit beers, and great food to pair them with. The brewers (with a reputation of intense attention to detail coupled with an incomparable fun-loving vibe) are always on hand to share this experience (and their amazing passion).


The sign of good times… 😉

I have heard about these legendary craftsmen ages ago through one of my chef friends, and since then, I made it a mission to take a trip there myself when I had the opportunity.

I finally had my chance over a week ago when a group of my chef and foodie friends decided to go up to Baguio to explore farms, which included a trip to the brewery.

After climbing up to the restaurant, basking in the spectacular view, and enjoying the borderline Rastafarian music (the duo could do a mean acoustic Bob Marley), I was thrilled to meet Chris Ordas, self-proclaimed “Thirst Prevention Officer and Chief Executioner” of Baguio Craft Brewery (his vibe and ultra-unique facial hair, a requirement for the upper echelons of the brewery’s organization, is perfect for his “occupation”).

jonas, chris, eddie, genghis

Brewskies with Friends (L-R): Chef Jonas Ng (Le Jardin Manila), Chris Ordas, Ed “Steady Eddie” Bustos (Food Creator and “Director of Awesome”), Genghis Khan Enrique (Fun Foodie Friend)… We were told that the fancy facial hair was to further distinguish themselves and their beer. 😉

It seems like I’m writing so much about the people behind the BCB, but it’s impossible to separate them from their beer… Their restaurant/tasting room/brewery alone just resonated with their vibe and friendship. That’s how they got started in the first place: a group of self-proclaimed “raging alcoholics” decided to brew perfect beer in Chris’ garage in Canada (which included Arnold Miguel, Head Brewer and “Ex Moonshiner”; and Alex Basa, “Head Receiver”… Best occupations ever IMHO). In 2013, armed with fervour, mad brewing skills, and the belief that there was a lack of beer choices in the Philippines, Chris, Arnold, and Alex quit their jobs and put up The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery.

beer on tap

A multitude of choices for their beers on tap


Six-pack beers in native packaging (with funky tags!) for easy transport back to Manila, and witty shirts

Some of my favourites (according to classification):

  1. Dark Beers
    • Kraken – A Baltic Porter with sweet, malty notes and hints of roasted coffee and toffee (which, after a couple pints, made me want to cry, “Unleash the Kraken!”… No? #nerdhumor)
    • Stout Crusader – A beautiful, rich, heavenly, creamy Russian Stout that I ended up treating as a dessert and a bartender/chef friend used to make a fun beer cocktail
  2. IPAs (India Pale Ale)
    • Pugaw – A wordplay on Ifugao (a mountainous landlocked area in our Nothern Cordilleras and home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Rice Terraces), this is a “beginner’s trek” into IPAs (and an excellent showcase on what the Ifugao people are all about: earthy and richly complex).
    • Message in a Bottle – An intense black IPA with an excellent roast
    • Hop Attack – A beautiful Double IPA with an elegant bitterness that definitely begs for food
  3. Fruit Beers (note: unlike some brewers who make fruit beers by injecting fruit syrup to their beer, BCB uses the actual fruits during the secondary fermentation, hence they end up with the essence of the fruit infused in the beer instead of a crude, slap-in-the-face fruit flavored beer)
    • Lagud (Strawberry) – Because Baguio is famous for their strawberries. Think strawberry cream in beer form (yum!)
    • Ripe (Passion Fruit) – A sharp, tangy fruit beer excellent with greasy bar chow
    • Keywheat (Kiwi) – I’ve never had Kiwi beer before but I am a big fan of the fruit… So, kiwi? Check. Beer? Check. Happy.
  4. Other Beers:
    • Rolling Fog – I admit to having a predilection for German wheat beer, but the subtlety and elegance of Rolling Fog just blew me away.
    • Englishman in New York – An American Pale Ale with caramel notes seamlessly blended with herbal undertones (a favorite of a friend of mine, he kept insisting I try it… “This will change your life”, he said. It did)

Don’t take my word for it. Baguio Craft Brewery is located in the RKC Building, 120 Marcos Highway, KM 4 Baguio City.

strawberry wine.jpg

Saccharine sweet strawberry “wine”

After partying it up with these perfect craft beers, I highly recommend indulging in some of Baguio’s renowned strawberries in their spirit form. It’s sweet and packs a mean punch.

john hay collage edited

Camp John Hay Coffee Plantation

tea and coffee - edited

#hoarding healthy stuff after all that alcohol

The following day, it is imperative to sober up with some coffee. Baguio has a wide selection of affordable coffee… I had to take home bags of Irish Cream, Arabica, and Civet Cat coffee beans. It’s also worth noting that John Hay (the best place to get a cottage for the ultimate Baguio trip) actually grows their coffee beans. I also had to get the turmeric tea I found on the way up to Good Shepherd (after all that beer, I needed a healthy ANYTHING).


The “Morning After” Traditional Hot Chocolate from Choco-Late de Batirol

When all is said, drunk, and done in Baguio, it is imperative to stop in for a quick brunch in Choco-Late de Batirol garden restaurant. It’s the ultimate “morning after” place. They have interesting items on their menu (tocinong kalabaw was quite adventurous), but they’re legendary for their traditional hot chocolate. It’s thick, rich, and so artisanal that the texture is still grainy, it redefines “hug in a mug”.

Whether it’s a gastronomic, alcoholic, or foodie adventure, Baguio has a lot to offer. Whatever people are after, there are many options that are a far cry from the Baguio of the 80s (with an excellent TPLEX that cut down the once 8-plus hour trek to about 3.5 on a good day). Note to self: Make another trip, stat! Cheers!

Big Things Poppin’!



I think the best way to drive home the spirit of April Fool’s Day is to start a diet…


Join us for mouthwatering burgers and some of the best craft beer in the Philippines for a fun, wild day (11am-9pm!) on April 1, 2016 in Open Space Jupiter.


Get it? Got it? Good. See you there!

Big Blog Announcement!

Here’s a little sneak peek into the blog’s upcoming makeover, courtesy of the awesome team of Urban Geppetto:

logo 1.png

New Logo = Big Changes Happening Soon!


…and these are just a few of the exciting things coming up. 😉


*video produced by 2 Big Guys Productions

Bubbles and Barcelona


Guaps,” I texted our friend from Barcino’s, “what do you suggest I do in Barcelona for 72 hours?”

Hola guapa! Wanna visit any winery??? It’s to die for!” he replied.

Honestly, when I sent him the message, my intentions were purely to get recommendations for restaurants and activities, but hey… Who was I to pass up an opportunity to sample wines straight from the source?

Backtrack: The trip technically involved me tagging along while Chad attended the Mobile World Congress with some of the most awesome tech writers from Manila.

So, the trip had nothing to do with alcohol… That is, until we spent an interesting unplanned 10 hour layover in Singapore. What was there to do while agonizing over a major airline gaffe?

Raid SilverKris Lounge’s bar, of course.

sq lounge.jpg

Photo courtesy of Michael Josh Villanueva of Gadget Match

They had a selection of decent wines representing some of the nicest from the regions they came from, and a bar with sufficient ingredients to make a killer martini.

Several hours and an unintended stopover in Dubai later, we finally arrived with 62 hours left in our Barcelona trip.

Prior to that excursion, everything I knew about the place I learned from friends who were from/have been/are still there. I heard about legendary tapas and an extremely relaxed lifestyle enjoying cerveza and glasses of cava.


Alhambra in a restaurant along La Rambla

That being said, I decided to spend an afternoon lounging about and people watching in La Rambla over beer and tapas*. I ordered a bottle of Alhambra Reserva 1925 to go with my pulpo (octopus). This award-winning beer has a rich, amber color and bottled in a sparkling green label-less bottle. The intensely flavored extra lager made me think of orange trees, caramels… And an intense desire to stay there forever.

cava sangria.jpg

Cava Sangria

For dinner, I met up with some friends for Cava Sangria. Barcelona has an interesting take on Sangria, using readily available cava instead of still wine to create a beautiful, sparkly cocktail.

Since I’ve been going on about cava, let me go back to the initial master plan: A quick afternoon trip to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia for a visit to Vilarnau.

messi versus messy.jpg

Messi versus Messy: Messi won 😉

I’ve been to a lot of wine houses on earth, but I’ve never been welcomed in a more awesome manner. I managed to pop in just in time for the manager and winemaker, Damià Deàs, to let me join in a truly Catalan tradition: partaking in calçots (onion shoots, which were char-grilled) with salvitxada (a salsa with tomatoes, olive oil, and nuts as some of the ingredients), and drinking wine out of a porron (a traditional glass wine pitcher). Damià said he was like the footballer Messi when shooting wine straight from the porron into his mouth… I said I was just plain messy (like the amateur that I was… Maybe I needed more practice).

I knew Vilarnau in an intimate way. Years ago, I was first introduced to cava (the exquisite Spanish take on sparkling wine involving some of Catalan’s indigenous grapes: Macabeo, Xarel-lo, and Parellada) through the brand… And you know what they say: you never forget your first.

1 - eva still wine fom vat.jpg

The fantastic Eva Plazas of Vilarnau as we sampled wine straight from the vat… #lifegoals achieved 😉

Needless to say, I was thrilled when the fabulous Eva Plazas showed me around their property, explained their winemaking procedures, and had me try their wines before and after the secondary fermentation (done in nothing less than the traditional method, a delicate procedure that involves doing the secondary fermentation in the same bottle which introduces bubbles into wine).

Enough text. I’m letting the photos say the thousands of words.

2 - still wine from vat

Sharp still wine after the first fermentation. This will undergo a secondary fermentation to get fabulously bubbly.

3 - riddling tables

Riddling Tables

4 - up close and personal settled yeast

Up close and personal: Yeast slowly settling to the bottom of the bottle

6 - frozen yeast neck of bottle ready for releasing

Frozen yeast, ready to be disgorged and topped up

7 - what mushroom looking corks look like before process

How corks actually look like before being plugged into a bottle of sparkling wine (before looking like a ‘shroom!)


10 - rose with gaudi and cava using chestnut barrels

Left: Brut Reserva Rosé, designed as an homage to renowned Catalan artist Antoni Gaudí; Right: Xarel-lo Castanyer, which made use of chestnut tree barrels for fermentation, giving it a nutty, creamy taste and texture


I feel like the 62 hours were certainly not enough to explore Barcelona’s awesome food and wine scene. I guess that’s my way of saying, moltes gràcies, i que tornarem Barcelona.


*tapas: bite-sized snacks popular in Spain


Muchas Gracias to Ricardo Infante of Barcino’s for setting the trip to Vilarnau up. Moltes Gràcies to Eva and Damià for showing me a wonderful time. Special shoutout to Karen and Ice for showing me around (we owe you another dinner), and the fabulous Michael Josh Villanueva of Gadget Match for making the awful layover more fun with martinis and wine.

Let’s Talk About Awards


I just got off a major awards season high with Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY winning an Oscar.

I was also thrilled to find out about Bear Story winning Best Animated Short Film for two reasons: Bears (because bears are cute!), and that it’s the first Chilean winner of an Academy Award.

That’s not the only thing Chile has won in the past few months.


Award-Winning Seña

Seña, Chile’s first icon wine and a collaboration between legendary vineyards Viña Errázuriz and California’s Robert Mondavi, has gotten the highest score of 96 points for their 2013 vintage.

Some people write off these kinds of reports as just a bunch of numbers, but let me explain the process to understand why this is such a big deal.

Getting recognition from The Wine Advocate, the publication by the well-known wine critic Robert Parker (whose tastes and opinions on wine constantly influence the global wine industry), is quite an achievement for any winemaker. The process of selection is quite grueling… In this particular case of Seña’s, it involved Luis Gutiérrez (critic in charge of rating South American and Spanish wines for Parker) tasting almost 900 wines from different Chilean wineries, while going around Chile for two weeks and meeting winemakers and other personalities in the wine industry.

Gutiérrez described the wine as “Linear, juicy, sharp, and long, very tasty and with very fine, slightly grainy tannins. There is superb balance, classical proportion and symmetry. I have not tasted all of the vintages of Seña (one day…), but out of all the years I’ve tried, this is certainly the best.” He added, “I tasted what can be the finest vintage to date from Seña with winemaker Francisco Baettig. He’s doing a great job.”

Gutiérrez wasn’t the only critic to take notice of this phenomenal wine. James Suckling, wine critic and former European Chief of Wine Spectator, was responsible for awarding Seña with 99 points, the highest score ever obtained by a Chilean wine in international rankings.

chadwick, baettig

(L-R): Eduardo Chadwick, Owner and President of Viña Seña; and Francisco Baettig, Head Winemaker

Owner and President of Viña Seña, Eduardo Chadwick, had this to say: “Seña was created with the vision to be a world-class wine like none other in Chile, and that would change the way the world thought about Chilean wines. I am very happy about these recognitions. This is not only a great milestone for Seña, but also for all Chilean wines in our pursuit of excellence and recognition of quality at the highest level.”

Seña Head Winemaker Francisco Baettig added: “Finesse and elegance are the two words that best describe Seña 2013, a perfect blend of structure, persistence, and depth along with freshness and balance. These are the most wonderful recognitions to all the Seña team, for all of these years of hard work and dedication.”


Tonight’s Bottle!


Awards by esteemed wine critics and a reason to drink (yay, Leo!)… Excuse me while I hotfoot to the nearest wine shop for my own bottle. Felicitaciones, Chile! Salud!

*Muchas Gracias to Ms. Verónica Steinbrügge