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I’ve been busy.

I’ve finished an inerview with bartender/burger master Francis Balbarin for a feature I’m doing on Father’s Day.


Awesome #proudlypinoy Bartender, Francis Balbarin

I’ve gone through one of the best masters classes in Italian wine (hosted by the legendary Gambero Rosso).


3,000+ indigenous grapes? No problem.

I’ve been scouting around for the best juices in town (because… Is it just me, or did Manila just get hotter?).



I’ve finally found enough time to check out the Bonbon Club (in a fit of being anti tita of Manila).


Not such a member of #titasofmanila after all!

Now, I’m writing from the comfort of my cozy Hong Kong hotel, excited for tomorrow’s Vinexpo.

That being said, I may not be posting so often this week, but most likely, I’ll be keeping our Instagram (@2shotsandapintofficial) account updated.


The End is the Beginning…


“Here I sit halfway to somewhere, thinking about what’s in front of me and what I left behind”

Mr. Big, Goin’ Where The Wind Blows



…is not the end 😉

This song, perhaps, sums up the melancholy I felt when we hung out one last time in Cyrano’s old location.

I know I’m breaking one of my old rules by talking about an establishment instead of the drinks, but I think I’ve covered some of Cyrano’s drinks in a previous entry.

It’s just that I realized, as I looked at all the old familiar faces of the bar’s regulars, that no other place has been such a part of my “wine life” than Cyrano.

Just to give readers an idea on how the place is to regulars like myself, think Cheers… Everybody literally knows your name.

I started going to Cyrano in the middle of 2008, when I was working for a wine company. My then landlord and I decided to hang out, and since his office was in Legaspi Village, he took me to Cyrano.

It was then that I met Cyrano’s resident snarky bartender, Alex, who introduced me to the art of wine. See, I knew a little bit about wine before I met Alex, but he was instrumental in changing my perspective. I would have never perceived wine as a lifestyle without him. To this day, I owe coming up with the conclusion that wine involves gastronomy, culture, geography, and science to him.

Since then, Alex has become such a part of our lives; we even got him to attend our wedding (in his Wallace and Grommet tie).

Here are other things I will never forget from the ultimate neighborhood wine bar:

  • Imogen Heap – I’ve never heard of Imogen Heap before I started hanging out in Cyrano… Alex’s sister was playing it during one of my visits around October/November 2008. Heap’s album Speak for Yourself was still in my head when I met Chad in December 2008, so I will always equate Imogen with good memories (Alex, since then, has disallowed Imogen Heap to be played in the bar).
  • Wine Books – One of the proprietors loaned me a wine encyclopedia when I started to study wine. Unfortunately, the books (along with about 75% of my stuff) were damaged by Ondoy in 2009. The books, however, started me on the path of collecting wine literature (admittedly one of my favorite guilty pleasures).
  • Appreciation for Live Music –We got to watch Nino Alejandro and Lee Grane in Cyrano as they got really famous. It was also great to hear one of our friends, Aia De Leon, play in Cyrano’s “smoking lounge” (which is where Curator is now).
  • Victoria’s Secret – I theoretically knew about Victoria’s Secret’s legendary fashion shows, but Alex started a tradition of watching it in Cyrano since 2012. It then became our equivalent of the Super Bowl.
  • Eurovision – It’s so campy, it’s good. As with Victoria’s Secret, Alex held “public screenings” in the bar for a couple of years.
  • Anthony Bourdain – People reading this blog know about my “hero worship” of Bourdain for his no-nonsense take on food, drink, people, culture, and travel. I actually discovered him during one of Alex’s “film showing” evenings… I remember the first episode I ever saw: It was No Reservations in Naples (still one of my all time favorites).
  • Cyrano’s grassy patch – People have smoked there, passed out drunk on it (and were woken up by the barangay police in the morning), thrown up on it, and even brought dogs there (yep, Schrumpf was there!).
  • The glassware – Here’s a bit of trivia: Alex gets so anal about his glasses that he refuses to use them without extensively wiping off the watermarks. I can honestly say that he has some of the cleanest glassware in Makati.
  • The back of the bar – I felt so at home that I actually served drinks on occasion, and even helped myself to the wines in the refrigerator when Alex got too busy (before they hired Fiona, Alex’s equally catty bartender).
  • The PEOPLE – The moment guests walk in the door, they get introduced to everyone. I’ve met a German wino with a penchant for sweet wines, a woman who loaned me her glass with “Bitch” engraved on it (because it totally suited me), law students studying for the bar exams (yes, over wine), runners, musicians, comedians, businessmen, radio personalities, and Mr. S (a Japanese regular who, unfortunately, drowned earlier this year, RIP).


Old regulars marveling at how much our lives have changed made Cyrano’s last night in Legaspi Village particularly sentimental. We realized we don’t hang out until 4am anymore, we don’t drink like fish the way we used to, and we’re in bed by 12 midnight… Totally titos and titas of manila.

To further drive home our age, we decided to play power ballads of the 90s (which is the reason why Mr. Big is stuck in my head). After all, is there a better way to end an era than with lots of food, wine, friends, and belting out songs we grew up to?

Much as we titos and titas will miss the old place, we are also very excited to see it re-open in a different location: Cordova Building along Valero street in Salcedo Village. This should happen in a couple of months, so hey… We are totally looking forward to that. 😉




Change in Schedule for our La Vigne de Provence event!

Event is rescheduled on 18 June 2016, 1830, in Le Jardin Manila.

Tickets at PHP 5,000.00+ inclusive of a five course meal prepared by celebrity chef Jonas Ng, paired with gorgeous wines from Provence.

See you there!

*event brought to you by, Le Jardin Manila, and 2 Big Guys Productions


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Sobering Up: The Morning After Chronicles


Watching the tally with tea and polvoron for a bit of a patriotic twist

This has been one emotional election.

I think there’s no better way to start this entry than with this simple, admittedly “safe” (or impartial) statement, because it is what it is: Poignant, unfiltered, unadulterated, and true.

Election season in this country, after all, has always been tinged with a lot of passion.

That being said, as I crashed on the couch after braving the scorching heat and crowds to wait two hours to exercise my freedom to vote, I thought… Why am I so adamant about my right of suffrage?

Then I looked at my blog and realized: it’s THIS.

Think about it: I am free to be an opinionated (not necessarily always correct) female wino in a country that is beginning to enjoy the freedom to travel and learn about wines. I am not treated less with the work that I do versus a man, because our country has one of the best gender equality records in the workforce. The constitution allows me to pursue a career in alcohol, as long as I stay within legal bounds.

I slept during the night of the elections admittedly with a huge apprehension about its outcome… One of my friends put it well: “I am very thankful that I am still able to exercise suffrage… I can only hope that my children and their children will not have that right taken from them.”

That’s it, really… Once the dust has settled, I hope to keep the rights I’m enjoying right now as a Filipina wine professional.

Additionally, I understand that no change in leadership will change the fact that true progress requires unity, cooperation, and selflessness… Selflessness includes queuing properly, not drinking to excess (which will potentially harm the drinker and the people around him), ceasing the practice of giving importers a hard time if there’s no grease money… It will absolutely need to begin with each one of us.

So as we sober up after all the heated arguments, bickering, passionate (and occasionally crass) political discussions, I hope we move on and up together as one united nation.


I promise to be back with a less sober topic in the next entry. 😉 Cheers!


May The Fourth…


I have officially thrown in the towel when it comes to generating traffic for the blog until after the elections. I know there are more pressing matters for our nation to think about as opposed to figuring out what wine to go with certain food.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not bitter about this.

On the contrary, I’m actually glad… As a slightly apprehensive social media “personality”, I’m happy we’re using all sorts of platforms to really analyse our current roster of candidates.

That being said, and today being May the 4th, I hope we all pick the light side and choose wisely.

This is also a friendly reminder that there’s normally an alcohol ban during elections, so please don’t drink and vote.

See you soon and May the Fourth be with you. Cheers!


Sangria Two Ways: Perfect for whatever side you choose #maythefourth