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Change in Schedule for our La Vigne de Provence event!

Event is rescheduled on 18 June 2016, 1830, in Le Jardin Manila.

Tickets at PHP 5,000.00+ inclusive of a five course meal prepared by celebrity chef Jonas Ng, paired with gorgeous wines from Provence.

See you there!

*event brought to you by 2shotsandapint.com, Le Jardin Manila, and 2 Big Guys Productions


Photo courtesy of authenticflavours.tours

EuroAsia in Two Weeks


One of the things I love about wine is that I can virtually travel around the world in one sitting. Each bottle is a reflection of the culture, history, geography, people, and gastronomy of its origins.

For example, every glass of Chilean wine I’ve had always reminded me of the way Chile smells. Most Australian wine blends I’ve tasted made me appreciate the innovations that they have embraced in terms of winemaking. Wine from ancient civilizations (like Georgia, which still sells incredibly robust wine in terracotta jars) highlights their adherence (and respect) to traditions dating back to biblical times.

That ends my superhuman attempt to be (almost) profound for this entry… I would like to chalk that ramble up to my severe wanderlust, thank you very much.

Honestly, I needed a way to be able to introduce the reason I’ve been “wanderlusting” (nope, the word does not exist, humor me here): A severely hectic schedule involving upcoming projects that involve people and wines from around the world.

Here’s a little sneak peek into things that are coming our way soon:


Featured Wines for Le Vigne de Provence

  • Le Vigne de Provence with Le Jardin Manila
    People rarely feature Provence in wine dinners around Manila. The climate is Mediterranean, and with a theory that they make wines to compliment their cuisine and surroundings (seafood, green vegetables, stews, garlic, and olive oil, all sourced from a sunnier, maritime environment), it should be pretty interesting to explore food and wine pairing possibilities, especially given some shared characteristics with their food and ours.
    People who wish to go into this gastronomic, oenological exploration with us can join us on 18 May 2016 in Le Jardin Manila, starting 630pm onwards. Five wines paired with five dishes, priced at PHP5,000.00 per ticket. Tickets are going really fast, so reserve soon through +63 917 817 6584.

    viber image


  • Top Italian Wines Roadshow at the Peninsula Manila
    I have a confession: One of the most difficult wine regions I’ve ever studied is Italy. My difficulty stemmed from the fact that every corner of Italy has its own unique winemaking procedures and rules that wrapping my mind around it (and the magnitude of over 3,000 indigenous grapes) has always been daunting. Their Master Classes should be educational and exciting… I’ve always discovered something new in every Italian wine event I’ve gone to.
    This event is on 20 May 2016 in Manila Peninsula. Register here. Interested participants may communicate directly with Ms. Airene Sarmiento through airene@felicitasglobal.com
  • VinExpo Hong Kong
    One of the biggest wine expos on earth, and I’m finally catching it in my other hometown. Vinexpo Hong Kong is arguably the best wine and spirits trade fair in Asia, and an awesome venue for people who want to go into trade or learn about different wines of the world.
    Excuse me while I break out my passport. #eggcoited
    Click here for more details.

With that in mind (and while I have a little time before I do a hardcore research on territorial changes affecting appellations and wines in Sud de France), let me savor the next few days by the poolside, sipping on either a rosé or a Pinot Grigio, and just chill before I fully immerse myself in these events.



Wine Against Humanity!


People who have followed the blog through the years know that we in 2shots have a strange, geeky sense of humour and are very much against wine snobs.

That being said, we’re partnering with awesome people who think in the same revolutionary wavelength for a brand-spanking new activity…


*Wine snobs need not apply

wine against huanity

Because Wine is for People Too

Seeing Red Part 2: LOVE


It’s almost Valentine’s Day (or as some of my bitter single friends would put it, S.A.D., or Singles Awareness Day).

Speaking of the occasion, I was fortunate to co-host a food and wine pairing dinner in one of the ultimate Valentine’s Day date places, Le Jardin, about an equally romantic topic, Burgundy.

Okay, I admit: The main reason why I find Burgundy romantic is that (#throwback alert) Chad and I spent part of our honeymoon there. 😉

I know I’ve talked about Burgundy so many times before, so I’ll skip the part about the technical aspects of the region’s wines (but still give you the link for a detailed explanation) and focus on some of the phenomenal wines we had during the evening:


Phenomenal Burgundy Wines for Burgundy Night in Le Jardin!

  • Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Foliatières – I love the story behind the Montrachet appellation… Incidentally, it involves a bit of love and lust that is quite timely for Valentine’s Day.
    Legend goes that there was a soldier/horseman (a chevalier in French) was serving in one of the great crusades. He was sent away by his father to fight in the crusades from the Montrachet castle. Afterwards, he met a woman and fathered a child with her.
    In ancient days, of course, this was scandalous.
    Since he wasn’t married to the child’s mother, the kid ended up being classified as illegitimate (a batard in French). Nevertheless, the child was welcomed (bienvenue) in their castle.
    Long after the castle has been destroyed, the appellations still remain, bearing names that chronicle these bits of legend: Montrachet, Chevalier Montrachet, Bienvenue-Batard Montrachet, and Batard Montrachet.
    Worth taking note of next time you pick up a bottle of Burgundy.
  • Mongeard-Mugneret Beaune 1er Cru Les Avaux – I admit to irrationally preferring wines from Beaune for personal reasons: The first winemaker I’ve ever met was born and raised in Beaune. He was marvellously kind, knowledgable, and managed to show us around his region like it’s his backyard (and forever spoil my palate for Chardonnays).
    Nonetheless, Beaune is legendary for producing stonking wines, and this bottle is the ultimate exhibition of everything Beaune wine is supposed to be… Luscious, multi-faceted, earthy, and elegant.
  • Mongeard-Mugneret Echezeaux Grand Cru – Excellent Pinot from one of the best (and most expensive) appellations in Burgundy? Check. Grand Cru, the highest classification of Burgundy wines? Check. Winemakers that have trained with the ultimate Burgundy winehouse, Romanée-Conti? Check. Extremely delicious, otherworldly, rich, masculine, complex, dark, sophisticated, and smoky expression of true blue Burgundian soil? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.


My take on the evening is that it’s not work when you’re surrounded by gorgeous wines and enjoying a gastronomic feast courtesy of celebrity chef Jonas Ng.

My only complaint is that I wasn’t part of the audience to enjoy all of this against the Le Jardin’s famous backdrop of city lights. It would have been so romantic had it been a date with Chad (maybe that’s why a lot of our audience were couples…?).

Anyway, there’s always Valentine’s Day. 😉


For reservations in Le Jardin Manila, call or text +63917-8176584, or check out their website at http://lejardinmanila.net.


Bed Rest, Salabat, Cognac, Panic Attacks, and Panic Attacks (Chronicles of a Stir-Crazy Bedridden Wino)


“Being sick is our body’s way of telling us we need to rest”, one of my best friends told me a few years ago.

Well… Constant traveling, weather changes, tons of work (around the house, for the blog, and my consulting) has certainly taken its toll on me.

The proverbial sh*t hit the fan Thursday night in the middle of a fantastic dinner (which involved a fabulous Pinoy food and wine pairing)… I had to bow out by the time we got to the seventh course (there were eleven!).

I felt terrible. I was looking forward to that dinner for ages (I will share some of the experiences in a later entry)… But I was out of it.

I was sitting next to one of the most esteemed winos in the country. He advised me (after I sneezed up a storm and started to complain about having difficulty breathing) to take a brown spirit (whiskey/whisky, brandy…).

I wasn’t able to take his advice until three nights after (what with consistent Dayquil/Nyquil treatments and my fear of mixing drugs with alcohol), but by the time I stopped taking medication, I had to raid our bar.


File photos from old entries (too sick to do a photo session)


There is nothing more beautiful than having a brown liquid stream of warmth to ease your throat and lungs.

I felt instant relief from the constant wheezing and sore throat.

I woke up the following day breathing better, but as I had a speaking engagement later in the week, I always had with me a mug full of piping hot salabat (our local ginger tea) to make sure my voice is up to snuff.

Ginger tea is a godsend… While some locals prefer to actually boil ginger and drink an infusion of the stuff, my lazy a** would rather buy the Ludy’s version from the grocery (Cash & Carry and Landmark have it). The tingly spice works wonders for sore throat… Whoever invented the stuff should be canonised.

I’m missing wine, though, so I’m looking forward to my speaking engagement in Le Jardin featuring one of my favorite French wine regions, Burgundy.

After that, Chad and I will visit a part of Asia that’s, well… Truly Asia. 😉 The trip should be chronicled as well, so do let us know about beverages to look for in that part of the world!

Another announcement: The blog will undergo a bit of a facelift soon. 😀

Before all this happens though, I’m putting my feet up, sipping more salabat, and reading a Jane Austen while refusing to adult. 😉 Cheers!


Disclaimer: In no way, shape or form should any of the beverages mentioned in this entry be taken as the ultimate cure for coughs/colds/flu. These are not prescriptions. Please consult your doctor!