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May The Fourth…


I have officially thrown in the towel when it comes to generating traffic for the blog until after the elections. I know there are more pressing matters for our nation to think about as opposed to figuring out what wine to go with certain food.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not bitter about this.

On the contrary, I’m actually glad… As a slightly apprehensive social media “personality”, I’m happy we’re using all sorts of platforms to really analyse our current roster of candidates.

That being said, and today being May the 4th, I hope we all pick the light side and choose wisely.

This is also a friendly reminder that there’s normally an alcohol ban during elections, so please don’t drink and vote.

See you soon and May the Fourth be with you. Cheers!


Sangria Two Ways: Perfect for whatever side you choose #maythefourth

My Favourite Things!


Holiday rush has definitely arrived. I have spent so many hours shopping, participated in as much revelry that an introvert could (hint: it’s not as much as the average person, but it’s certainly enough to drain my energy reserves), and drank enough booze to merit a self-imposed alcohol abstinence (if I’m not in a party).

I still say that the best part of this year’s Christmas season is Star Wars VII… In an effort to promote the movement against #spoilers, however, I will save that entry for another time.

Sorry, I needed to sneak that in… I am still emotional after watching the film during last night’s premier. In fact, I was such a mess after the film that I ended up indulging myself in some late night shopping (yay, Rockwell!).

That being said, I want to go back to the beginning of today’s entry and talk about Christmas shopping.

Over the years, some of my friends have blatantly told me that while it’s easy to figure out what to get me for Christmas (wine, duh), they constantly live in fear that the wine wouldn’t be good enough for my “taste” (seriously people, if it’s wine, I’ll drink it).

So, I’ve decided to come up with a list of really nifty beverage related things that take out the guesswork involved in purchasing booze, and who to give it to:


For the girly girl friend that makes anyone feel like doing a Sex and the City marathon: Cocktail-Shaped Tape Dispenser by Scotch (National Bookstore)


Nothing says “My job makes me want booze” like this

It’s cute, practical, very pink, and makes you think of having a round of cosmos with your girls after work. Need I say more?

For the spunky friend who loves bringing his own booze to a party: Colorful Wine Skin (Gourdo’s)

wine sleeve_Fotor

I haven’t lost this in a wine dinner yet!

I can’t tell how many times this baby has saved me during BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) dinners. Colorful enough not to lose it and too cute to be boring, this wine skin keeps wine in its optimum temperature from cellar to party.

For the dude who is a wino by day, bookworm by night (or is it the other way around…?): The New York Times Book of Wine (Fully Booked)

nyt book of wine_Fotor

One of my go-to books for drinkspiration!

This book contains 31 years of articles (156 in total). It has features from different perspectives in wine writing: challenging, humorous, out-of-the-box… Each story is full of wit, and I find that I keep learning something new from the book.

For the experimental mixologist: Arctic Chill Ice Ball Maker (arcticchillproducts.com)

arctic chill_Fotor

*insert jokes on blue balls here*

These spheres can be used to make ice that takes 3 hours to melt, which means a longer time for that glass of whiskey to get watered down. Bonus: They can also be used to make frozen coffee, cocktails, or juice. Yum!


I hope that this list helps in finding that perfect present for everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood drink fanatic. 😉

What’s your favorite drink-related present? Cheers!