2shots is a blog that wants to provide an entertaining introduction to wine and beverages. The posts on this blog will be as down to earth as possible. Pinoys are its target audience and source of inspiration. It is not for wine snobs, grammar nazis, and general BV people.

The photos and artwork that you will find here are all original, provided by the author and the author’s friends.

Gail is an independent, professional, and educated alcoholic who teaches wine in a university, does wine and restaurant consultations, and an all-around beverage geek. She is a WSET Advance certificate holder and is a member of food organizations in Manila. She likes to travel, experience food adventures, read good books, and watch old movies. She lives with the best husband in the world, Chad, and a dog named Schrumpf. She dreams of becoming a Master Sommelier, putting up a wine school in Manila, and opening up a wine bar.

Gerry is an awesome graphic artist whose artwork you will see all over 2shots. She is into martial arts, anime, and a killer game of cards against humanity. She bleeds green, from having been in the De La Salle system all her life (DLS-Z, DLSU and a second degree in MMA from DLS-CSB). She lives with the fabulous Leica and their boss/cat, LeChuck.

CJ is a stupendous web developer who should be credited with fixing layout-related tech stuff which the author cannot even begin to describe. It must be said that he worked on it for free Indian food, and was nice enough not to add links to… Uhm, “unmentionable” websites. He is married to a fabulous lady named Kathy. Together they share a love for all things Japanese, hunting monsters on DS, and their cat Hikari.

Feel free to leave an email address if you have any questions on beverages, whether professional or personal.

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